Invitation to Café–Gallery "On The Hill"

Café–Gallery "On The Hill"




"On The Hill" offers you a unique experience in a very special home near Afula
Come with your friends, groups, missions, family members for freshly cooked and baked daily treats, made from produce grown in Beit Uri
At the same time, visit the arts and crafts shop to buy unique hand–made gifts created and produced in–house

Link to a short film about the place

Link to exhibition of Beit Uri's cottage industries - arts and crafts

This sustainable enterprise is a pilot project for the challenged population living in a residential home .Dozens of residents will be employed to cook, serve, manage display and maintain the new facility. 

Have a  tasty, memorable and meaningful visit and support "On The Hill" Café–Gallery

in Givat Hamore, Afula.

We are available for special events!


For details and booking in advance contact:
Mobile: 0522566255
Mobile: 0523792996