Jeff Lee - New Zealand

Jeff Lee has been volunteering at Beit Uri for 3 years. Brought up on a farm in New Zealand, Jeff trained in Social Work. His faith in G-d and strong Christian belief led him first to volunteer in a Christian school in Ramallah.

“I have always had a special feeling for the Jewish people and their land and looked for a way I could make my own small contribution. On hearing about Beit Uri in Afula, I decided to come to the home and work with the residents for a few years. If I can just help a bit at Beit Uri, I will have made my own contribution to the Jewish people………..”.


 Up to 10 volunteers from around the world come to Beit Uri every year for a minimum period of a year. They live, eat and work in the home receiving free hebrew lessons and a monthly stipend. Most rooms are shared and each volunteer works in one of the residential houses together with the staff members - mainly in the afternoon hours. During working hours nursing duties are also required. Volunteers work a 40 hour week, 6 days a week. There are two extra free days a month which can be saved and used together to have a longer holiday.

 In 2004 Beit Uri has welcomed volunteers from Germany, America, New Zealand and the Czech Republic.


For information on how to volunteer from Germany check out the website: www.zivi-israel.de




10 Israeli girls this year (2004 have chosen to do their national service (Sherut Leumi) at Beit Uri for 14 months. Groups of soldiers have taken on the project of cleaning up the forest together with Beit Uri residents.

Local scouts (zofim) groups have adopted projects in Beit Uri on an annual basis.

Otzma and Birthright volunteers also choose Beit Uri as a place to work for 6 months.

How to volunteer from other countries please write to :
Haviva, Social Worker,
Beit Uri Givat Hamoreh, Afula 18750 Tel: 04 6522720/ 6424686